Ivan Nemytchenko

I am ruby developer and IT events enthusiast.
Author of RailsHurts.
Lean Poker facilitator.
Developer Advocate of GitLab

follow me: @inemation


Recently attended events

  • September 28-30: VoxxedDays (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • September 23-24: EuRuKo (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • July 4-9: GeekDay (Online)
  • June 2-3: Shift (Split, Croatia)
  • May 18-19: OSCON (Austin, TX)
  • April 26-29: CRAFT (Budapest, Hungary)
  • April 22-23: Stachka (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
  • April 8: DUMP (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
  • March 25: Pivorak (Lviv, Ukraine)
  • March 19: Ruby Meditation (Kiev, Ukraine)

My talks

  • Breaking Bad with GitLab CI
  • Why a diploma is not enough to get the first job as a programmer
  • Experience report: Organizing remote internship for junior ruby developers
  • GitLab Pages - universal online publishing platform
  • GitLab: Why you can't ignore it anymore
  • Software development principles. Misunderstood & applied.
  • Stop being Rails developer!
  • Why Rails apps become such a mess after few months of development

Projects on hold