I believe that a lot of routine and annoying tasks like upfront configuration can be either eliminated completely or put aside until the main task at hands is finished.

Here's the list of products and experiments towards this direction:

Tabsqueezeturns your tabs into shareable pages
Dopo.stinstant single shortcut publishing
Strftime.guruDatetime-to-strftime-format conversion
Hamdown Mix of Haml and Markdown

Educational projects

My dream and mission

I want to help developers enjoy web-development with Rails again.

In the past, I had problems organizing code in mature Rails applications. I see that many developers around me have the same issues. Because of that, I created years ago. For the same reason, I started writing a book called "Painless Rails without overengineering". I am currently revisiting the material of the book.

I believe that:

Ruby on Rails is a great tool. It provides better tooling. I think it deserves to be much more popular than it is now.It is possible to compare different architecture approaches and determine the optimal one.For 80% of features for 80% of web apps, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, and that single unified approach to complexity management would be enough.